At times situations can become ‘gridlocked’ where it is difficult to see solutions and it often helps to ask a third person to facilitate a meaningful conversation between different parties. It takes mediators only a few hours to help identify main conflict causes, based on which first steps towards a solution can be taken.

The method is structured into several phases: Introduction, analysis, adaptation and solutions. Visualisations, exercises and time in between the talks help you to better digest the mediation's themes. A mediation can take 2-5 appointments or take much longer, depending on what you want.

Those who know themselves, who realize their goals and values and live amicably with their fellow humans are happier in life - and mediation enhances all this.

Do contact me for a free and non-commital briefing in order to find out if mediation is right for you in your situation.
Geographic distance does not need to stop you - I also offer mediation via Skype and Zoom.

Training and advice

Sometimes, contradictions and communication gridlocks can be better untangled within the context of a training, teambuilding or a counselling interview.  Mediative elements can be combined with it or can be part of the training. 

Flyer Diskussionszucker (click for download)

Here you can find the German mediation law, the associated legislative decree (both in German) and the Bundesverband Mediation website.


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