Foto: Stefan Wiede


High esteem and openness for people from most different walks of life guide me in my work. I give you my full and complete attention, and it is a joy for me to support you to fully develop your potential and to flourish.

To understand the manifold perspectives who all contribute to what we call 'truth' is not self-evident. We all learn it in action. Therefore I find it most effective to strengthen both you as an individual and the group members' interactions in a face-to-face conversation.

People are attracted to people who inspire them. This is the case even with the ones who challenge us. The trick consists in turning the thing on its head - not avoiding but approaching the adversary to find out that he or she is your best teacher. Who reveals to you your limitations, good faith, expectations.... Whoever knows how to make use of contradictions wisely, will be able to create more and more things of value. 

One day it will be you who inspires others.