Possible objectives for families or personal relationships could be:

  • To find a new balance between yourself as an individual and your relationship. 
  • To adapt something in your relationship following a decisive event.
  • To learn how to communicate better with each other.
  • To rethink the distribution of roles and tasks.
  • To rearrange things after separation or divorce with as much sensitivity as possibly for all family members.

Here it is my task to enable you to integrate different perspectives mentally and emotionally. This will supply you with new information and you could develop a different attitude - which may produce surprisingly new types of solutions. Shuttle mediation is also possible - conflict parties do not have to meet in person. 

Objectives for organisations might be:

  • To plan and restructure processes and strategies.
  • To support a new leader and her team in their strategic alignment
  • To practice feedback and constructive communication
  • To solve conflicts with partners, clients or stakeholders
  • To introduce conflict prevention mechanisms
  • To rethink roles and tasks within a department or a team

Organisations often strive for continual service improvement and development. Integrating change into the often already hectic every day life can be achieved more smoothly with training and mediation. Different settings from small to large group mediations are possible.

I am available for a free, non-committal briefing on mediation, team development, coaching and training for individuals, families or Non-Profit organisations, . You are welcome to contact me.


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