Conflict Prevention

Training workshops in 2020:

  • Saturday, 11/07 2020 - Sunday, 12/07 2020, Bonn
  • Friday, 04/09 2020 - Saturday, 05/09 2020, Bonn
Conflicts are normal and even necessary, but there is no need for them to have negative consequences. Conflicts turn negative when we ignore them or when we deal with them violently. This training imparts knowledge and skills which enable you to understand the function of conflicts and to direct the processes connected with them into a positive direction, away from negative consequences. I offer training workshops that are open to the public and in which I compress the below mentioned modules. Also, I offer tailor made trainings for teams and organizations so that these can better deal with certain challenges they experience.

Analytical skills: Establishing at an early stage if a conflict is about to emerge. Identifying possible root causes and options for action. Additional modules: group dynamics, rumour management.

Self-management skills: Strengthening every team member through awareness of professional goals, values, motivation and special skills. Applying this to teamwork.

Problemsolving skills as a team: Analysis of typical solutions and roles. Trying out new techniques on practical cases. Additional module: 5er solutions.

Communication skills: Listening and negotiation techniques. Additional modules: intercultural communication, digital communication.