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Mediation, training, coaching for teams and organisations

  • You need a solution for a rather complicated problem?
  • Your daily bread is teams, networks, partnerships with the global south, remote, multilingual or hierarchical structures?
  • Trying to solve the problem you notice yourself going around in destructive circles?
  • Finding a solution is more important to you than winning or being right?
  • Your NGO or public sector working culture is so special, one almost needs to be an insider to get around?
If you can answer 'yes' to most of the questions, then this is your website. Here, I offer mediation, training and coaching to transform disputed issues into creative solutions.

Training /(team-) coaching / moderation

Sometimes, you can find the solution more easily through a training workshop or a (team-)coaching programme which I also offer to you. I also conduct conflict analyses for some contracting authorities.

In the past twenty years I have also moderated the most different groups from 5-250 participants and can be booked for this, as well (in German, English, French). 

You can use my services online, in Bonn / Germany or abroad. Feel free to contact me at +49- 157-581 86 282. Or else choose other options to get in touch with me: via email or a contact form!  If wished, I offer my services to you in English or French.

I look forward to meeting you!

Sincerely yours

Karoline Caesar

"What is mediation?" (1 page, pdf)

Photographs on this website: Stefan Wiede