• MA Philology and Social Sciences, Christian Albrechts Universit├Ąt of Kiel, completed with "excellent". Masters thesis on family conflicts and their connection with social change.
  • Certified mediator (standard according to the German law on mediation,) Im Konsens, Leipzig.
  • Further education: Among others Johan Galtung's Transcend-Method , Transcend-Peace-University and I am a Non-Violence trainer, Martin Luther King's methodology, Rhode Island University, USA.

Professional experience

  • At present: Project Manager at African German Youth Initiative, Engagement Global. Mediation and public speaking activities.
  • Project management and implementation in peacebuilding, international understanding and civic participation.
  • Consulting work with organisations and teams in Germany and abroad (Africa, Middle East, Northern Europe).
  • Facilitation and group leadership in civic education with schools, associations, interested citizens, soldiers, unions and local administrators. 
  • Voluntary mediator for students and families, mediation of family conflicts, lead trainer for other volunteers.


  • Working with victims and perpetrators, process facilitation, coaching, training.
  • Leading a capital city office, team leading and project management.
  • Coordination of dialogue processes with conflict actors (quiet diplomacy), Coaching, Training of teams and community based associations.
  • Research on and documentation of mediation techniques, cultural influences on conflicts and of mediation's influence on societal conditions - what happens when people take care of their conflicts themselves?
  • PR and networking for mediation.
  • Working languages are English, French and German. I also speak Swedish, Danish and have a passive understanding of Kirundi.

What else?

I have been living abroad for eight years, among others six years in East-Africa. Sensitivity, love of listening, a creative mind and a strong interest in people are specialities. My role models are my Malawian and Burundian former colleagues who taught me so much about nonviolent conflict transformation and still inspire me until today.